Introducing: Jada Nycole Ellise – Temporary Colors (Album)

Jada Nycole Ellise is a Detroit born singer, songwriter and producer. Ellise creates a soulfully whimsical world of sounds, cultivating a sound reminiscent of classic 90s neo-soul and R&B.

She recently released her debut album entitled Temporary Colors. Her work deserves to be widely recognized. 

Ellise makes really good music. One of the highlights of the album is My Time. The song features smooth melodies, stellar vocals, sublime harmonies and groovy rhythms.

The album captures a wide range of emotions. Every song creates a different mood. Ellise’s stories are always interesting.

In The City she says:

“This is my sentiment
Questioning if being here
is truly fulfilling
I feel like I’m out of bounds
Wanting to know the
meaning of belonging”

Temporary Colors is an exploration of private intimacy and a peek at the singer’s inner dialogue.

Check it out below!