Introducing: winterbird – Wake Up Fine

winterbird is a tiny, tender one-woman band, made up of Montreal-based singer-songwriter, barefoot wanderer, and birthworker, Lindsey Massar, who lives in a quiet little apartment with a bunch of instruments and her cat, Lois.

She recently released her debut EP, Requiem. This little mini-record is made up of six original songs, written over the last few years and recorded slowly and gently through a strange, silent winter.

winterbird makes really good music. One of the highlights of the EP is Wake Up Fine. The song features brilliant acoustic guitar work, powerful vocals, and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, the singer-songwriter remains as thoughtful as ever. Wake Up Fine tells an interesting story. Every line has meaning.

“Cause I’d find room for all your demons
Break through all your walls and ceilings
If I knew that you were in this deep,
And that you could do the same for me.”

”We recorded the whole thing live off the floor — no click-tracks, no punching in or splicing together takes. I wanted these songs to have a real, human heartbeat, and all the rawness of experiencing them in personThis meant surrendering and just trusting the music to unfold the way it wanted to. It involved a lot of stillness, a lot of patience, and a lot of tea. What came out of this process is a very honest, simple little sound portrait — one that I hope will be the first of many more to come,” comments winterbird.

Wake Up Fine deserves to be heard. Fantastic piece of work. A modern masterpiece.

Check out the song below!