Introducing: Meredith Bull – No Rules

Meredith Bull is a pink-haired pop songstress located in Los Angeles.

She recently released her new single No Rules.

The song features pop sounds, sublime vocals, funky grooves, and memorable hooks.

Meredith writes with depth. Her lyrics are impressive. She’s a real storyteller. Every line is golden.

”I wrote it about how life really has no rules. We grow up thinking there are all these rules because the people around us are all following the same map, but in reality life is what you make it,” comments the artist.

The video captures the spirit of the song. Visuals are incredible.

Meredith has so much talent. No Rules deserves 5 stars. Fantastic piece of work. A real bop. This is the song of the summer.

What you see and hear today Meredith produced, recorded, and engineered herself.

Check out No Rules below!