Introducing: Kate Lomas – Crazy Together

High up at dawn, the world hasn’t woken up yet but we’ve been awake all night. Together we’re suspended in a weightless moment of bliss, nothing matters, tomorrow doesn’t exist yet and yesterday is done. Crazy Together is about putting life on hold for a second and feeling completely weightless in the moment.

The single is the first chapter of Kate Lomas’ new story, and the opening track of her upcoming EP.

Crazy Together sounds so good. The song has dreamy vocals, floating synths, soaring strings, smooth harmonies, and unique hooks.

Lomas writes with depth. Her lyrics are intriguing. Every line is golden.

Fixated on freedom, Lomas takes us on a journey of ‘what if’s’; the song feels like an escape, as if anything is possible, wrapped in euphoria without a care in the world – let’s just be crazy together.

Lomas creates her own musical universe. She’s a real artist through and through. Crazy Together deserves 5 stars. Call it a masterpiece.

Check it out below!