Introducing: Liimo – Miracle

Scottish alt-pop band Liimo just released their debut album Volume 01.

A big highlight of the project is Miracale.

The song features catchy pop sounds, outstanding vocals, solid rhythms, and powerful hooks.

Liimo’s lyrics are impressive. They write with depth and authenticity. Every line has meaning.

Speaking about Miracle, the band said, ”Miracle is a song about a summer breakup, where you thought everything was heading in the right direction until it all came crashing down with no warning.”

Liimo continues to deliver good music. Miracle deserves 5 stars. Call it a masterpiece.

The band music isn’t preachy, nor does it pretend everything is rosy and well, but it does what few acts have managed to do in the modern age; to create a dialogue for listeners to identify their lives with.

Check out Miracle below!