Music Premiere

Premiere: Peachkit – Like It (A Lot)

Peachkit’s hotly anticipated third single has arrived, and it’s a huge summer anthem.

Like It (A Lot) sounds so good. The song has a three- part harmony, energetic pop sounds, and brilliant guitar work.

Peachkit remains as insightful as ever. She captivates listeners with her lyrics. Call it poetry.

Like It (A Lot) captures that euphoric moment when you feel on top of the world. It’s a song about feeling powerful, being happy with who you are and believing in what you’re doing, and it was written completely by accident.

Peachkit had just finished a topline session for another artist and was packing up to go when she, out of nowhere, sang what is now the chorus for Like It (A Lot)Quick as a flash, she and the other writers sat back down again, and a brand new song emerged 15 minutes later. Funny how the muse shows up like that.

In a change from her previous songs, Like It (A Lot) focuses fully on the positive side of creating music and less about the battles and struggles to be heard.

Peachkit inspires people all over the world. Her music is timeless. Like It (A Lot) will put a smile on your face. Fantastic piece of work. Perfect for today.

Check out the song below!