Introducing: April Maey – Starry Night

April Maey is a Nigerian Alternative musician from Ghent, Belgium.

Starry Night comes from the EP Ticket to Anywhere, released in March 2020.

The song features soulful sounds, unique guitar work, outstanding vocals, smooth grooves, and solid hooks.

April’s lyrics are impressive. She writes with authenticity. Every line tells its own story.

“Even if the moon fall down tonight
We got stars around, and they might tell us why yeah
Even if the stars don’t speak tonight
We can light a fire so they will feel alright
Start a starry night”

Starry Night is about a moment or a feeling that you never want to lose. It’s about being present in the moment and enjoying it as it happens.

In this song, April tells her lover that they shouldn’t let the wrong things in the world distract them from being together. And that if the moon and the stars don’t come out, she wouldn’t mind saving the night by starting a starry night with her lover.

The musician has so much talent. She creates an atmosphere. Starry Night deserves to be heard. Fantastic piece of work. Perfect for today.

Check out the song below!