Introducing: Danielle Starz – Be Ok

Danielle Starz is a twenty-three year old pop singer-songwriter and producer from Boston, Massachusetts.

She recently released her new single Be Ok. Produced by Prod.AG.

The song features moody sounds, outstanding vocals, smooth harmonies, and memorable hooks.

Danielle wrote Be Ok with Jonathan Garcia. Their lyrics display a sharp intellect. Every line has meaning.

”This song is about surviving. We wanted to create something really happy and hopeful during this uncertain time. A lot of people have broken up and feel lonely during quarantine and this song is the kind of song that you want to sing along with, dance, party and have a good time to. It’s really about knowing you’re going to feel ok even when everything hits the fan,” comments Danielle.

The pop singer-songwriter continues to deliver good  music. She’s a real artist through and through. This song will stay in your head for the rest of the day. Be Ok motivates you to keep moving.

Check it out below!