Introducing: Nicole Rayy – Broken Boys

Nicole Rayy is a Canadian pop-country singer.

She just released her new single Broken Boys. Bringing a healthy dose of feminism into the country genre, this follows her early 2020 powerhouse single All Woman.

Broken Boys sounds so good. The song has powerful melodies, stellar vocals, and memorable hooks.

Nicole writes with depth. She’s a real storyteller. Her words capture her thoughts.

I’m so excited to share Broken Boys because I think it is a song so many of us can relate to,” explains Rayy. “We have all fallen for that person that we think we can change. I’ve always been drawn to helping people and being able to fix things. But in a way this song reminds me that we are all a little broken and there is nothing wrong with helping someone carry their baggage, but never at the expense of yourself.

The pop-country singer makes art. Broken Boys deserves to be heard. A modern masterpiece.

Check it out below!