Introducing: Bethany Petch – Is This Love

Up and coming Canadian Pop/Soul artist Bethany Petch, from BC’s Okanagan Valley, pulls you straight in through the vulnerability of her music. You can count on regular releases from Bethany this year as she’s committed to releasing a song every month from July 2020-2021.

Is This Love is Bethany’s new single.

The song features soulful melodies, outstanding vocals, smooth harmonies, catchy sounds, and solid hooks.

Bethany has some interesting stories to tell. Her lyrics are impressive.

Is This Love is about me learning to let my walls down, and accept all the love that is out there in the world. There is so much love surrounding us, and it’s up to me to breathe it in, and accept it.

I hope it will encourage people to be open to all the love that is around us all, instead of letting the hard things become a wall locking us in.”

The Canadian Pop/Soul artist creates an atmosphere. She speaks the language of art. Is This Love deserves 5 stars.

Check out the song below!