Introducing: LANNDS – O.O.W

Photo by Colin Adkins

LANNDS is the collaborative effort of Memphis-born singer/songwriter Rania Woodard, and producer/songwriter Brian Squillace.

The two just released their new single O.O.W. Mastered by Brok Mende.

O.O.W sounds so good. The song features trippy beats, sublime vocals, smooth harmonies, pop sounds, and memorable hooks.

LANNDS’s writing skills are impressive. They write with depth. Every line has meaning.

”This song is about when something is no longer serving you, you have to learn to let is go. You have to learn to take responsibility and accountability for what you did. Acknowledgment is the first step to growth. I think this concept is so relevant to our world right now. A lot of old ways of living and thinking are being questioned, as they should. A lot of ways that used to work just don’t serve us anymore, and the newer generation of humans understand that, and want to change it.”

The video captures the spirit of the song. It was filmed, directed, and edited by LANNDS.

Rania and Brian make real art. Their music connects with people. O.O.W deserves to be heard.

Check out the song below!