Introducing: Laura Pieri – All I Need

Sometimes all we need is a little love, now more than ever really. Laura Pieri is sharing the sentiment on her smooth R&B-tinged, pop piece All I Need.

The song features catchy sounds, outstanding vocals, cool grooves, and solid hooks.

Pieri produced this bubbly summer anthem after finishing her third season of Snapchat’s hit show Endless Summer.

Lyrically, she remains as thoughtful as ever. Her words are captivating. Every line is golden.

”It’s a feel good song that focuses on a love that doesn’t drive you crazy. It’s about a love that is fair and affectionate and just rare. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need. Not everyone needs drama and the big explosive and crazy romance,” comments Pieri.

The video captures the spirit of the song. Visually, it looks incredible.

Pieri makes really good music. All I Need has all the ingredients of a hit. Perfect for today.

Check out the song below!