Introducing: Natalie Hein – Toxic

Natalie Hein is a singer-songwriter based in Los-Angeles.

Her debut single Toxic was penned when she was nineteen while stuck in LA traffic, and has been given new life in the latest mix by producer Max McDonald (Cold Violets, Darkplay).

The song features brilliant guitar work, soulful vocals, solid grooves, and memorable hooks.

Hein’s confessional lyrics evoke images of urban vignettes that are relatable to city dwellers. Her artful songwriting wraps an introspective, personal dialogue in an accessible, catchy package. Toxic confronts the various self-sabotaging, addictive habits that we all struggle with.

The singer-songwriter makes real art. Toxic deserves to be heard. Fantastic piece of work. It’s definitely worth listening a listen.

Check out the song below!