Introducing: Noah Vonne – Sunset Inn

Noah Vonne is a singer-songwriter from Nashville.

She just released her new single Sunset Inn.

The song features unique guitar work, stellar vocals, and memorable hooks.

Noah writes with depth. Her stories are interesting. Every line in the song is golden.

Sunset Inn was just two words I had written in my “notes” on my phone during a fight on a road trip, in the middle of nowhere, with my girlfriend at the time. Months later, after the end of that long relationship, I looked back at those two words, remembered the snapshot in the time that I had written them, and imagined myself at that same Sunset Inn, choosing to leave instead of stay and fight. This song created so much healing around the end of that relationship, and it is my favorite song I have written to date.”

Noah continues to deliver good music. She has so much talent. Sunset Inn captivates through its realness. Iconic piece of music.

Check out the song below!