Introducing: Elysaé – Blinded

In a world that can leave you feeling powerless, Elysaé’s anthemic debut Blinded is your go to soundtrack to re-ignite the fire of your own personal power.

The song features catchy melodies, stellar vocals, unique grooves, solid hooks, and rock sounds.

Elysaé inspires people all over the world with her lyrics. Every line tells its own story. The song carries a universal theme of personal empowerment; inspired by the internal battles she often fights in regards to her own self-worth and inner critics.

“I believe that everyone is inherently worthy and beautiful, and our differences are what make us special, however, I’ve always had a hard time embodying that and believing it to be true for myself. I spent my life allowing my sense of self-worth to be dictated by my physical body and the way others perceived me and that kept me in a loop of playing small and people pleasing. I wrote Blinded to capture the essence of confidence and as a call to reclaim my personal power,” tells Elysaé.

The video features fans from around the world and has become a symbol of unapologetic self-expression, joy, and connection. It was edited by Kieran O’Doherty.

Elysaé has so much talent. She makes real art. Blinded deserves to be heard. Fantastic piece of work. What an iconic song!

Check it out below!