Introducing: CSÖKE – F.W.M

The smooth flames of CSÖKE’s new song FWM is the self-love, empowerment anthem we’ve all been waiting for, and comes alongside the release of her debut EP of the same title.

The song features smooth melodies, cool grooves, stellar vocals, and solid hooks.

CSÖKE’s lyrics are impressive. Her words capture her thoughts. She motivates people to get the best out of themselves. Every line makes an impact.

”Cos I fuck with myself
I don’t need no one else
Yeah I fuck with myself
I don’t need nothing else
Oh I’m gonna give me everything i know i deserve
You sucked, so now i’ll never get hurt
I fuck with myself”

Telling the story of a messy breakup, betrayal and cheating, FWM holds an important message of discovery of self worth. Although initially it may appear as a typical “screw you” break up song, CSÖKE’s life journey has laid the foundations for the track and from it, she has one goal: “For others to listen and when they sing along, manifest the energy of self worth into their own life. Whenever the lyrics refer to one’s self “I”, everything is uplifting, there’s no negativity, just good vibes.”

CSÖKE continues to deliver good music. She has so much talent. FWM deserves 5 stars. What an iconic song!

Check it out below!