Introducing: haer – The B Word

Raised in the suburbs of Georgia, haer was always determined to escape the cul-de-sac.

She just released her new single The B Word.

The song features memorable melodies, outstanding vocals, soulful grooves, experimental sounds, and powerful hooks.

haer’s lyrics are impressive. She writes with so much depth. Every line has a special meaning.

Speaking about the track, haer says: ”The B Word is a deep reflection about the trauma of my mom passing away when I was only ten years old, and how I was left confused and puzzled about who I had to be and who I was becoming. Even when I tried to piece memories of her to learn more about myself, the constant repression of the event made it difficult to remember who she actually was. The B Word is the word, bye and how I was never able to say it and how I still feel like, at times, I cannot come to terms with what happened.”

haer makes art. This song is full of emotion. Wonderful piece of work. The B Word deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!