Introducing: Keeana Kee – Love Is My Treasure

Keeana Kee is a Latvian-born singer based in New York.

She recently released her new single Love Is My Treasure. Produced by Sergio De Anda.

The song features brilliant guitar work, unique beats, stellar vocals, catchy sounds, and powerful hooks.

Keeana writes with flair. Her lyrics capture her thoughts. Every line tells its own story.

Love is My Treasure is about realizing through all your anger and pain, what this person’s love means to you and the value that it holds. The competing dualities of love — He/She is the source of your pain, but also the salve for your heart,” comments Keeana.

The singer has so much talent. She creates an atmosphere. Love Is My Treasure deserves 5 stars. Fantastic piece of work. Perfect for today.

Check it out below!