Introducing: Lauren Alex Hooper – Back to Life

Lauren Alex Hooper’s ability to pour her emotions into a song transports the listener into her world.

She recently released a new single entitled Back to Life.

The song features catchy pop melodies, stellar vocals, memorable hooks, and cool rhythms.

Lauren’s lyrics are unique. She writes with flair. Every line tells its own story.

“Writing has always been important to me but there’s something special about combining words and music. There’s something about it that makes intangible things tangible. And that’s been a big deal for me; being able to put the really hard stuff into words and then share it with people.

I found songwriting kind of by accident and then, suddenly, it was everything to me. Now I’m writing songs that fall somewhere between singer-songwriter and pop, although genre has never been something I’ve focussed on; I’m just trying to write songs that mean something, to me and hopefully to you.”

The singer-songwriter continues to deliver good music. She creates worlds. Back to Life deserves 5 stars. Fantastic piece of work. Perfect for today.

Check out the song below!