Introducing: MEGG – Summer in the South Bay

Following her most recent hard-hitting single SHAMOO, LA’s South Bay born & raised artist, MEGG, is changing things up with her newest release Summer in the South Bay. Rather than travel down the traditional Pop road, MEGG merges her love for Pop music with her SoCal Punk/Reggae roots and creates her own Beach Pop sound.

Summer in the South Bay sounds so good. The song features unique guitar work, stellar vocals, smooth grooves, and memorable hooks.

MEGG writes with flair. She’s tells a cool story. Every line in the song is golden.

The artist says about the release:

“I had the inspiration for the song on my way to the studio for a session. I was feeling pretty weighed down by the adult, day to day crap and was bummed that I’d be inside on such a beautiful day. That’s when I started thinking about what I wished I was doing instead and immediately my days at the beach came to mind. In its most simplest form, Summer in the South Bay is an ode to the warm memories of what summer was like for me as a kid growing up in a beach town. I think about my childhood summers often, how lucky I was to be raised by the beach and how unknowingly therapeutic the water has always been for me. Man, every day of the summer was the same – you met up with the neighborhood gang, mobbed down to the beach, swam and fucked around until the sun set, found some trouble to get into and then walked back home before the streetlights came on. It was such a simple and easy time and I miss it! I think as we get older, especially me, we tend to become wrapped up in our jobs, bills, errands and to-do lists that we forget to make time for the things we really love – to go outside and PLAY. I hope Summer in the South Bay reminds you of your favorite summer days and how easy it used to be to disconnect from the bullshit. “We get wet, just to forget, we don’t wanna think about tomorrow”…”

MEGG makes really good music. Summer in the South Bay will get stuck in your head for days. Fantastic piece of work.

This is MEGG’s second single off her new EP to be released in the Fall of 2020.

Check out Summer in the South Bay below!