Introducing: Charlotte Lansman – Water

London based Bristolian singer, Charlotte Lansman, takes influence from the world of jazz, soul and blues to create her music.

She just released her debut single Water.

The song features powerful contralto tones, cool grooves, unique guitar work, and solid hooks.

Charlotte writes with so much depth. She’s a poetic phenomenon. Her lyrics capture her thoughts. Every line tells its own story.

Speaking about the track, the artist says: Water describes someone finding themselves in a position where they feel destitute – abandoned, alone, suspended in a moment at the end of an emotional rollercoaster of a relationship destined to go south – and then able to find strength and peace by escaping within. Out of the chaos without, and into strength and peace within. Inspired in part by a past relationship, and in part by quarantine in London! Finding freedom in the daily hour for exercise – in nature. Finding space to breathe…”

Charlotte has so much talent. She speaks the language of art. Water deserves to be heard. Iconic piece of music.

Check it out below!