Introducing: Melissa Bel – Summer So Long

Melissa Bel is a singer-songwriter based in the UK.

She just released her new single Summer So Long. Produced by Rhiannon Mair with additional production by Joseph Cross.

The song features unique acoustic guitar work, stellar vocals, soothing harmonies, soulful sounds, and solid hooks.

Melissa writes so well. Her words reflect her thoughts. Lyrically, she’s a genius.

Summer So Long is about that end-of-summer feeling we all know too well. That emotion brought on by shorter, cooler nights is wrapped up nice and cozy in the story of a summer romance that you knew wouldn’t last, but still aren’t ready to let go of. Best served dockside, around the campfire, or on the way home from the cottage.

Melissa continues to deliver good music. Summer So Long has all the ingredients of a hit. Perfect for today.

Check it out below!