Introducing: Milena Estelle x Lef Germenlis – You & I

Milena Estelle is a London/Heidelberg based solo artist.

She just released her new single You & I. Produced by Lef Germenlis.

Fantastic piece of work. The song features soulful melodies, sublime vocals, soothing harmonies, unique rhythms, and solid hooks.

Milena writes with so much depth. Her words capture her thoughts. She tells an interesting story. Every line has meaning.

You & I is taking you on an emotional journey of uncertain feelings and undefined love. About two people who’s emotions are at crossroads and they do not know if they will ever meet again. This song is highly personal and beautifully reflective,” comments Milena.

The video captures the essence of the song. It was directed by Dirk Bartscherer.

Milena’s talent reflects her passion for music. Artistically, she’s absolutely brilliant. You & I deserves 5 stars.

Check out the song below!