Introducing: Rocky Collin – Upside

Rocky Collin is the debut solo project of Phoenix New Times’ Best Vocalist 2018, Raquel Willand. After fronting the indie rock band, Panic Baby, Collin is stepping out on her own.

She just released a new single titled Upside.

The song features soulful melodies, smooth grooves, outstanding vocals, and unique hooks.

Rocky writes with depth. She captivates listeners with her lyrics. UpsideĀ tells an interesting story.

”I wrote this song while watching the impeachment testimony. I was humored and shocked by Gordan Sondland’s loyalty only to himself. During the testimony he sold everyone out, though he was previously doing their dirty work. I drew inspiration from Sondland and created a character of similar principles,” comments Rocky.

Collin’s artistic side shines in everything she does. Upside deserves to be heard. Fantastic piece of work.

Check it out below!