Introducing: Christina Munsey – habits

Christina Munsey’s music comes from an internal, moody place based on personal experiences and draws inspiration from the world around her Raleigh, NC home – relationships, nature, shapes, storms, interesting sounds.

She recently released her new single habits.

Fantastic piece of work. The song features sublime vocals, solid hooks, and a haunting synthesizer.

Munsey’s lyrics are impressive. You believe every word she sings. Her words capture her emotions.

habits is about knowing that someone is bad for you, but it doesn’t matter to you because you’re so invested in what you want them to be. It’s almost like you’re tied up with the idea of someone or the idea of a certain relationship.

Munsey continues to deliver good music. Artistically, she’s absolutely brilliant. habits deserves 5 stars. Every second of the song is iconic.

Check it out below!