Introducing: Dakota x Gareth.T – So What

Dakota, a former American Idol Contestant, has released her new single, So What featuring Gareth.T.

She makes really good music. The song features catchy rhythms, cool melodies, stellar vocals, solid hooks, and R&B sounds.

Lyrically, the two remain as thoughtful as ever. Their lyrics are absolutely brilliant. They write with flair.

So What is not caring about the crazy world we live in and focusing all attention on the person you love. In long distance relationships, people don’t get to see each other that often, so spending as much time with them as possible, even if that means missing your flight, is totally worth it. Taking risks is the fun part of a relationship and makes it even more special, comments Dakota.

Her music continues to show her talent and self-made persona, and each single continues to empower and inspire her fans to reach for the stars.

So What will get stuck in your head for days. Awesome piece of work. Every second of the song is iconic.

Check it out below!