Introducing: Marie-Clo – Shell

Singer-songwriter and dancer, Marie-Clo began her artistic career on stages worldwide performing in musicals, but honed in soon thereafter on her true passion project – music. She is currently promoting the second of three EP’s, which will make up her full-length english album entitled Shell(e); a conceptual feminist narrative slated to be fully released in 2021, produced by Polaris shortlisted drummer/producer Olivier Fairfield (Fet Nat, Timber Timbre, Leif Vollebek), with the support of the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts and FACTOR.

Shell is Marie-Clo’s new single.

She captivates listeners with her unique sound. The song has solid melodies, stellar vocals, smooth harmonies, cool guitar work, and memorable hooks.

Marie-clo’s lyrics are poetic. Throughout the song, she speaks to anyone who has been told to slow their roll, as if passion and ideas are negative. Nothing kills art or growth like trauma, anxiety, and systemic barriers.

The video captures the spirit of the song. It was directed by Aaron DaSilva.

Shell(e) Pt II encapsulates slightly different emotions than Pt I. The first EP is about betrayal, callout culture and pain. This EP is about the beginning of a healing journey. While Marie-Clo sings about dark themes in all three songs, there’s also strong themes of hope and strength. If Pt I was about feeling stuck in a shell, Pt II is about accepting it, finding ways to step out of it or carry it on your back. Take back your narrative, even if it’s through pain.

Marie-Clo tells interesting stories. Her perspective on life is inspiring. You believe every word she sings. Shell should to be heard. Iconic piece of music.

Check out the song below!