Introducing: Tally Spear – Can’t Find What I’m Looking For

Photo by Tim Dunk (facetimportraits)

Reared on rock music, Tally Spear is the London based artist who’s bringing a punk attitude to pop music. Following support from BBC Introducing London and Radio X, the rising alt/pop singer is determined to take the lead role, writing and co-producing her music and editing and directing her music videos and visuals. As noted by Clash Magazine, ‘Resolutely DIY, she’s able to make something grand from the smallest budget, nailing down her ideas with impeccable precision.

Tally just released her debut EP, a collection of 6 songs. She captivates listeners with her unique sound.

One of the highlights is Can’t Find What I’m Looking For. The song features stellar vocals, driving bass riffs, catchy sounds, cool melodies, and solid hooks.

Tally’s lyrics are impressive. Her words capture her thoughts. Can’t Find What I’m Looking For tells an interesting story.

“We’re always looking for something, someone, to make us ‘happy.’ You begin questioning what it is you’re trying to find, and if it even exists. This song is about the struggle to find meaningful relationships, experiences, and the difficulty of just being content in this society,” comments Tally.

Spear makes really good music. Can’t Find What I’m Looking For deserves 5 stars. Iconic work of art.

Check it out below!