Introducing: Elle Baez – Paint Me

Inspired by the intimate scene from the James Cameron film Titanic where the character Jack draws Rose, Elle Baez has taken control of her own story and created a piece de resistance on her own terms: a self-love anthem inspiringly titled Paint Me.

Baez captivates listeners with outstanding vocals, smooth harmonies, unique guitar work, pop sounds, and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, the artist remain as thoughtful as ever. She inspires people all over the world. Every line in the song has meaning.

Baez soulfully sings, “They tried to paint my curves straight every damn time,” a lyric that portrays the oppressive body shaming that has left no woman unscathed. But Elle takes her scars and rises with them to find love for herself. She embraces her lover that sees her as a “work of art”. He admires every single part of her, “my curves, my thighs” just as Jack did for Rose. In the female directed (Carina Allen) and shot (Autumn Moran) music video, Baez recreates the famous “drawing scene” from Titanic alongside Dominican actor, Fernando Bruno, as Jack.

Baez creates her own art because she no longer tolerates being shaped by others or conforming her talents and body for other’s use. She aims to prove that there’s enough room at the top of every industry for all bodies. As a co-founder of the Curvy Artists Collective, she has a plan to help her big girl sisters achieve success. Baez states, “These girls rarely get these opportunities, so why not make opportunities and give it to them?”

To celebrate the release, Baez curated a virtual gallery of curvy, chubby, and fat women in all of their glory entitled ‘Paint Me: The Collection of a Dozen Roses’. Viewable at

Elle continues to deliver good music. Her sound is fantastic. Paint Me deserves 5 stars. Iconic song. Perfect for today.

Check it out below!