Introducing: Kate Ryder – Out of Body

Kate Ryder understands her own internal duality. In her mind, there’s another version of her — an alter ego of sorts — that lives beneath the surface.

She recently released her new single Out of Body.

The song features soulful guitar work, smooth grooves, outstanding vocals, cool harmonies, and solid hooks.

Kate writes with flair. Her lyrics are empowered. Every line is golden.

Speaking about the track, the artist says: ”I wrote Out of Body to break the ice on giving myself permission to own my sexuality as a woman. It’s about wanting to see yourself from another persons perspective in a moment of vulnerability; finding a new way to love yourself through their eyes. It’s about being jealous and getting selfish. I wanted to appreciate my body in a way that I couldn’t see for myself, and maybe in a way I could never say out loud for myself either. Out of Body is a vibey, r&b-influenced female pop anthem about wanting to experience your own body and your own mind-for yourself.”

Kate makes really good music. She has so much talent. Out of Body deserves to be heard. Fantastic piece of art.

Check it out below!