Introducing: Saachi Sen – Don’t Say It

Mumbai-born Londoner Saachi Sen airs her reservations on romance in brand new single Don’t Say It.

Fantastic piece of music. The song features sublime vocals, unique guitar work, catchy pop sounds, and solid hooks.

Saachi writes with depth. Her words capture her thoughts. Every lines are meaningful.

Don’t Say It comes from a gut feeling you get when something’s not right in a relationship, well before any outward signs. I wrote the ‘I don’t think you love me’ hook on instinct a few months before the worst breakup of my life, and didn’t touch it all that time, convincing myself it was in my head. Afterwards though I had the drive to finish it in a single recording session. It’s created a really novel contrast of in-the-moment choruses against verses in hindsight,” comments Saachi.

The artist has so much talent. She creates an atmosphere. Don’t Say It deserves to be heard. I’d call it a masterpiece.

Check out the song below!