Introducing: Agnes Hustler – Come for me

Stockholm-based Agnes Hustler stands out on the pop and soul scene with her powerful voice, orange hair, and unapologetic energy.

She just released a new single titled Come for me.

The song features unique guitar work, smooth grooves, stellar vocals, sublime harmonies, and memorable hooks.

Agnes writes with authentic depth. Her words capture her thoughts. Every line is golden.

The lyrics tell a story about the sort of loneliness that clings, although you’re a social person and getting ahead in life. Since Agnes Hustler wrote Come For Me, she has grown to believe that there’s love for everyone, some just have to walk through miles of trash before they find it. “Back when I wrote Come For Me, I was working so hard to get my music career going and forgot about the things that actually mean something in life. I had so many sleepless nights of just tossing and turning, missing someone I didn’t even know and I remember thinking that loneliness might actually be the end of me”, Agnes Hustler says about the meaning behind the song.

The artist continues to deliver good music. Artistically, she’s absolutely brilliant. Come for me is a masterpiece.

Check it out below!