Introducing: Fanny – Paris danse

Fanny is a French artist.

She recently released her debut single Paris danse. It was produced by Thomas Leiva.

Fantastic piece of work. The song features solid melodies, outstanding vocals, catchy pop sounds, and unique hooks.

Speaking about the track, Fanny says: ”I wrote this song thinking of Paris at night, the lonely Paris and the melancholic Paris. The lovers who leave each other and those who meet. I love this city and its corners, everything about Paris inspires me, I wanted to dedicate a song to the city I grew up in. I chose Paris danse as the first single because it characterizes the emotion that I want to convey in my songs: a mixture of love, hope and melancholy. I would like to introduce it to as many people as possible because I think they will recognize themselves in this innocent recklessness.”

The video  directed by Romain Robe and Mathilde Gomez— captures the spirit of the song so well. It’s a cool visual.

Fanny creates an atmosphere. Paris danse has all the ingredients of a hit. Every second is iconic. Perfect for the weekend.

Check out the song below!