Introducing: March to May – Mercy

From their first encounter around a roaring bonfire on the Washington coast to headlining sold-out shows at Seattle’s most prominent venues and touring throughout the U.S. and Europe, March to May has quietly become a group to watch in today’s modern folk landscape.

Mercy is March to May’s new single.

Fantastic piece of work. The song features brilliant acoustic guitar work, sublime vocals, dreamy sounds, unique hooks, and a hypnotic harp loop.

Lilting and deceptively lulling, Mercy toys with the idea that maybe the highs of life aren’t worth the lows — that it’s better to close yourself off from risk in order to protect yourself from pain.

”It’s strange how we can wander far from all we’ve known before
But every path still guides us to the same unopened doors
We circle ‘round our questions ’cause we fear the answer’s call
To find ourselves still wanting ’cause we haven’t changed at all”

The duo creates an atmosphere. Mercy deserves to be heard. This is real music. Iconic song. Perfect for today.

March to May’s new album What I Was and More arrives on September 1, 2020.

Check out Mercy below!