Introducing: Marianne Gavin – Light Blue

Marianne Gavin is a singer-songwriter from Montreal who shares her own experiences and emotions through intimate lyrics in English and French.

She just released her new single Light Blue.

What a nice piece of music. Marianne captivates listeners with unique ukulele work, stellar vocals, smooth harmonies, pop sounds, and solid hooks.

”This is a summer song that should lift your spirit after everything that’s happened with the Covid situation. It is light and catchy to dance to and enjoy summertime. I wrote this when I met my boyfriend whom made me see that relationships don’t have to be complicated or heavy. I would love to see this song reach people in Montreal (my home town), Canada, but also everywhere else because it is made to share and everyone can use a bit of lightness from time to time,” comments Marianne.

The singer-songwriter creates an atmosphere. Artistically, she’s absolutely brilliant. Light Blue will get stuck in your head for days. Such a captivating song.

Check it out below!