Introducing: Aylin Bad – At Love

Based in Bristol, England, Aylin is Aylin Gasparini, a singer-songwriter.

She just released her new single At Love.

Fantastic piece of work. Aylin captivates listeners with sublime vocals, smooth harmonies, soulful melodies, unique grooves, and solid hooks.

At Love tells an interesting story. Every line is golden.

”When you end a relationship that lasted for a long time, you can’t feel real emotions for anyone else. This song is about that time in your life when you can’t feel anything for anyone; you just care about yourself and if someone starts showing feelings for you, you reject him/her. Everyone goes through this phase in their life as everyone experienced a break up. This song explains what type of person I became after breaking up,” comments Aylin.

The singer-songwriter makes really good music. At Love has all the ingredients of a hit. Perfect song for the weekend.

Check it out below!