Introducing: Lauren Dejey – MAMA

From her South London home studio to your speakers, Lauren Dejey is an emerging UK artist.

She just released her second single MAMA.

Interesting piece of work. Lauren captivates listeners with contemporary R&B beats, dreamy melodies, stellar vocals and unique hooks.

The artist writes with depth. Her words capture her thoughts. Every line has meaning.

Speaking about the track, Lauren says: ”MAMA is about a recurring situation in my life where someone I would call my close friend, doesn’t have the same intentions and heart as I do and I end up getting hurt. Long story short, my mum always knows they’re bad for me before I do. MAMA is the first song I wrote and then produced myself, so when I finished the demo I knew I was going to release it because it felt really special to me. I then worked with some amazing producers who helped build it to what it is now!”

Lauren has so much talent. She speaks the language of art. MAMA deserves to be heard. Iconic song.

Check it out below!