Introducing: Adi-Keshet Cohen – Losing You

Adi-Keshet Cohen is an art-pop singer-songwriter based in Tel Aviv.

She just released Losing You, the third single off of her upcoming debut album, Battleships.

Intriguing piece of work. Cohen captivates with sublime vocals, acoustic drums, emotional strings, dreamy sounds, and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, the singer-songwriter remains as thoughtful as ever. Her lyrics are impressive.

”It’s inevitable to lose some things and some-ones, whenever moving ahead in life. There is a loss in every step you make. But move on.”

The video captures the spirit of the song’s words. It was directed, filmed, and edited by Amos Betser.

Cohen has so much talent. She makes really good music. Losing You deserves to be heard.

Check out the single below!