Introducing: Nadia Vaeh – Anxiety

Conscious pop artist, Nadia Vaeh has released her new single Anxiety. Vaeh reflects on her personal mental health struggles and how she copes with the highs and lows of anxiety. It’s an important topic to talk about.

The song features pop melodies, sublime vocals, soothing harmonies, catchy sounds, and solid hooks.

Vaeh’s lyrics resonate with the listener. She writes so well.

Anxiety is a fabric of my life, as it is for so many others. This world breeds anxiety as if it were positive for us. Sometimes I am able to channel my anxieties in a positive way; other times, it can disable my ability to function. It just depends on the day… sometimes the hour,” explains Vaeh. “I am just glad society is arriving at a place where we can keep the topic of mental health a bit more open. The more we embrace the light and dark sides of the human experience, the easier it is to recognize and enjoy the goodness.”

Vaeh aligns her message of Anxiety with the non-profit organization MusiCares to raise critical funds that can directly support music people in need.

This song deserves to be heard and spread everywhere.

Check it out below!