Introducing: FERGUS – Enough for You

FERGUS is a London based singer-songwriter.

He just released his new single Enough for You. I like how the guitar sounds. Vocally, FERGUS sings with skill. The hooks are so catchy. Production wise this song is a masterpiece.

Lyrically, FERGUS has impact. He writes with authentic depth.

FERGUS explained “I wrote Enough for You when I was feeling desperate after the same old fight with a mean drunk. I felt like I was trying really hard to be who they wanted me to be and make it work, but I kept getting shot down. It was one-sided and it hurt me more each time because only I remembered why. Enough for You provides the context and sets the scene for all the songs so far this year, and the story is told in the order they were released.”

Check out Enough for You below!