Introducing: Paulina – INSANE

German born, 16 year old Paulina Schuemann, moved to Ipswich QLD/Australia at the age of two, and considers herself more Australian than German. She stunned her parents and friends by imitating her favourite songs at an early age of 5 and has been singing and playing the guitar ever since.

Paulina’s debut single is called INSANE. This song has a lot to offer the world. She captivates listeners with unique guitar work, sublime vocals, and solid hooks.

The artist writes with flair. Paulina’s lyrics are poetic. INSANE was written during self-isolation, a time where her eyes were opened to certain relationships. INSANE is a story about having to let go of someone, however still having unwanted feelings and thoughts towards them, even when those thoughts are wrong and should be in the past – something many can most likely relate to.

BEMAC’s “Creative Booster Pack” is a recent funding initiative of the multicultural arts organisation intended to drive new creative projects and recharge creativity for hard – hit Logan and Ipswich during the corona crisis.

Recorded by Brett Briggs and Daniel Lorkin from Writer’s Block , an Ipswich production company, Paulina says, “everything about Insane was ‘meant to be’. I wrote it in an hour, I received funding to record it through BEMAC , got to work with my favourite producers, and we got the vocals done in the first take – which in itself, never happens.

Paulina makes really good music. INSANE deserves to be heard. It’s a modern masterpiece, in my opinion.

Check it out below!