Introducing: Gillian Mapp – Orange Bitters

Gilllian Mapp is a photographer and musician who resides in the heart of the creative scene in Toronto, instrumental in shaping community as a founder of event project The Build. As a songwriter she has previously collaborated with London’s Wu-lu, as well as praised local Toronto producers 2ndson and Anzola.

Mapp just released her debut single Orange Bitters.

The song features dreamy piano work, smooth vocals, and memorable hooks.

Mapp’s lyrics are impressive. Lyrically, she’s rich in poetic expressions. Captivating from beginning to end.

Speaking about the track, the musician says: ”Orange Bitters is not only my debut single, but it’s the first song I’ve written and performed. I created it in my home, while I played the simple melody over and over again on the keys. It is one of the most satisfying and whole-hearted tracks I’ve ever worked on” 

Mapp creates her own lane. Orange Bitters deserves all the recognition in the world. Definitely worth a listen. Perfect song for today.

Check it out below!