Introducing: Posie – June

June is an ode to summer nostalgia.

It’s the debut release from Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Posie. And marks the first single off of her project entitled The Garden set for release in the late fall.

The song features solid melodies, outstanding vocals, soothing harmonies, catchy pop sounds, and unique hooks.

The singer-songwriter wrote June with her boyfriend Jeremy Rompala. Lyrically, they are talented.

Posie describes the song as such,

“Everyone has had that perfect summer day. Whether it was at home or on vacation, caught up in the fun of youthful innocence, teenage mischief, or wistful rememberings in adulthood. This is a song immortalizing that “magic feeling.”

June is of course a song that is natural to play during the summer, but as we move into fall it’s also meant for times when you feel far away from those easy feelings and wish for a reminder.”

Posie makes really good music. June deserves 5 stars. Fantastic piece of work. Perfect for today.

Check it out below!