Introducing: Eli Moon – Stasis

Eli Moon just released his new EP Angels, Devils and Empty Vessels.

One of the highlights is Stasis. Intriguing piece of work. Moon captivates listeners with electric guitar arpeggios, drum machines, stellar vocals, and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, the artist remains as thoughtful as ever. His writing skills are impressive. Every line has meaning.

Moon quotes on the single: “To be in a state of Stasis is to experience a slowing down of the normal flow of a bodily fluid such as blood…and I wrote the song at a time where my life had completely stagnated. My self-destructive behaviour had finally taken its toll and I was now stuck inside my house with nobody to talk to, nobody to meet and nobody who wanted to know me. I had taken my relationships for granted, and was now no use to anyone or anything. I guess that’s where the reference to the ‘fallen angel’ in the chorus come from. The devil, the once trusted ‘guardian cherub,’ had abused his power and therefore was destined to endure eternal suffering. I felt like I had experienced a ‘fall’ of this nature. I had everything and everyone I wanted, but this only fed my ego and led me to make endless bad choices. I guess the song is an admittance of what I had become. It was like I was standing on a burning ship to hell, watching the world that was once mine, flourish without me and it was all my fault.”

Moon creates an atmosphere. The music he makes is true art. Stasis deserves 5 stars. Such a captivating song.

Check it out below!