Introducing: John Dai – Mezzanine

Singer-songwriter John Dai just released his new single mezzanine.

It’s a fantastic piece of work. The song features catchy guitar melodies, smooth vocals, pop sounds, and solid hooks.

Lyrically, John remains as thoughtful as ever. He’s a skilled writer. Every line is golden.

Speaking about the track, the singer-songwriter says: ”I wrote this song about an unfulfilled love. A connection that made an incredibly strong impression on me; what got in the way was both of our existing obligations that put us in different parts of the world. We both expressed our fantasies with spending more time with each other and maybe even developing a relationship. But morning came and we realized what we had was ephemeral – it was never going to work out. mezzanine represents the physical distance between her and I, a pre-determined barrier that separates us. Though somehow, that barrier lowered itself for one night, and for one night only – the night I met her.”

John continues to deliver good music. mezzanine has all the ingredients of a hit.

Check it out below!