Introducing: Kelly Krauter – Who I Wanted to Be

LA based singer-songwriter and actor Kelly Krauter just released new single Who I Wanted to Be.

The song features fantastic acoustic guitar work, sublime vocals, and memorable hooks.

Kelly wrote Who I Wanted to Be with Ben Lapidus (her partner) during quarantine. Their lyrics are impressive. Every line has meaning. Captivating from beginning to end.

It’s a song about getting to that point in your life where you can comfortably acknowledge that you aren’t where you thought you would be, and letting that be okay. It’s about relenting the grip of perfectionism and accepting who you are, and realizing that there are bigger things in life to worry about than being the most perfect, ideal version of yourself.

Kelly makes really good music. Artistically, she’s brilliant. Who I Wanted to Be deserves 5 stars.

Check it out below!