Introducing: That Brunette – Millennium Fig (EP)

That Brunette (aka Madeline Mondrala) is a Brooklyn based Experimental Pop songwriter and performer.

She recently released her EP Millennium Fig.

The EP follows the release of the Coolest Girl single written as a love letter to a longtime friend.

Millennium Fig features two cutting tracks: Millennium Blues and Fig Tree.

That Brunette has her own sound. She captivates listeners with catchy melodies, sublime vocals, and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, the artist remains as insightful as ever. Her writing skills are impressive. Every line is golden.

That Brunette says Millennium Blues takes listeners through her story of realizing she was running in the wrong direction in life, and how she had to accept her mistakes in order to turn things around. “It felt freeing to start all over again with the knowledge I’d gained from my experiences,” says Mondrala (That Brunette). Fig Tree is inspired by a Sylvia Plath quote and “focuses on finding gratitude for our own personal, beautiful, metaphorical fig.” (That Brunette).

Millennium Fig deserves to be heard. Iconic piece of work. Perfect for today.

Check out the EP below!