Introducing: Drea – Circumstances

Drea recently released Circumstances, her second single from her upcoming EP, Ocean Avenue.

It’s an intriguing piece of work. Captivating from the first second. Drea has her own sound. The song features soulful vocals, complex harmonies, smooth melodies, groovy rhythms, and memorable hooks. Every sound has a purpose.

Lyrically, Drea remains as thoughtful as ever. Circumstances is an introspective journey about being comfortable with your great moments, and your ugly moments. People are taught to shy away from the evil within and focus only on the good, however both good and evil are equally responsible for shaping us. For Drea, Circumstances was like writing down the most taboo parts of herself.

There’s something inside of me

That I keep in quietly 

You try to keep me haunted 

While I try to clean my conscience

Drea makes really good music. She creates her own lane. Circumstances deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!