Introducing: Amelie Patterson – Let Your Trouble Go

Inaugural poet-laureate of Banff, AB, Amelie Patterson is the kind of songwriter who can leverage her confident alt-folk songwriting into transfixing musical mechanica. Her new project is the Playlist, a series of diverse rolling singles, each centred on a thematic through-line, playing with genre and mood throughout, experimenting in writing and pushing herself and her collaborators to darken the corners of her moody pop sound-space.

Let Your Trouble Go sounds so good. Captivating from the first second. The song features unique melodies, stellar vocals, and memorable hooks.

Amelie’s lyrics are poetic. Every line has a special meaning.

Let Your Trouble Go is about wishing you could hold the grief or burdens of your loved ones for them; allowing them to take the afternoon off and access their memories without fear of being overrun by the sometimes scary and out of control expressions of grief.

Amelie makes music that’s relatable to others. She’s an inspiring artist.

Check out Let Your Trouble Go below!