Introducing: Pet Envy – Heavy

Pet Envy releases second single Heavy from debut album A Modern Way To Stand.

It’s an iconic piece of work. The song features soulful melodies, groovy rhythms, smooth vocals, and memorable hooks. Every sound has a purpose.

Heavy was written in the early stages of writing for the record and set the tone for the album’s contrasting mix of dark/upbeat tunes. In addition to setting the tone for the album, the song’s  opening line “it’s a modern way to stand” unknowingly gave the album its title conceptually capturing the essence and vibe of the record perfectly. Unlike some of the album’s lyrical content that revolves around a friendship that prevailed after-romance between founding members Shelbi Albert and Jake Diggity, Heavy focuses on a darker and less specific lyrical content while the music holds a dreamy upbeat vibe.

Pet Envy’s music has something for everyone. Artistically, they are brilliant. Heavy deserves 5 stars. Captivating from beginning to end.

Check it out below!